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A lorry rolled over into the Mbogolo river at Mavueni, Kilifi.

A lorry fell in River Mbogolo. PHOTO | Courtesy

A lorry was rolled into the Mbogolo bridge in Kilifi. None of the passengers died but just got minor injuries. The bridge which was half-swept away by the heavy rains hit coast region, inconvenience road users from Mombasa Kilifi for a whole week.

This comes after another canter fell into the same river last week. Drivers have been told to drive carefully on that route as the bridge now is not stable. The truck drivers were told to use the Mavueni- Kaloleni road, fearing the bridge may collapse.

The lorry carried cereals fell in the river as people in Ganze were waiting for the peas and Maize. People have been experiencing hunger in Ganze sub-county.

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