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Mvurya and Mwashetani branded Chirau Mwakwere as hypocritical as President Kenyatta launch Lunga Lunga - Vanga road upgrading.

President Uhuru Kenyatta launch upgrade of Lunga Lunga - Vanga road. PHOTO | PSCU

President Uhuru Kenyatta attacked Ali Chirau Mwakwere branded him as a corrupt individual and who was rejected by the people of Kwale and Jubilee government gave him some work to do as an ambassador in Tanzania.

The President allegedly pointed the finger to the opposition for lying them over mineral exploration. The president was speaking at the launch of upgrading to bitumen standard of the Lunga Lunga - Vanga road that will do a lot in opening up the area for enhanced trade and commerce.

“If there is one constituency that has benefited from the development initiatives of Jubilee it is Lunga Lunga and that is why we have decided to rally behind you,” said Lunga Lunga MP Rashid Mwashetani.

The Governor and Mr. Mwashetani said more than 70 percent of the people in Kwale will vote for Jubilee.Governor Mvurya and his deputy Fatuma Achani also criticized Mwakwere for being hypocritical and lacking leadership skills.

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