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NASA wins all West Pokot leaders including Jubilee West Pokot county Secretariat Jackson Cherop.

Raila Odinga welcomes all leaders from West Pokot county. PHOTO | Courtesy

The NASA leaders sweep all the Pokot leaders to their respective parties in the Orange headquarters in Nairobi. People from Pokot have defected Jubilee saying the party lacks good leadership and unworthy for the Nation.

The leaders were accompanied and led by Sigor MP Philip Rotino and West Pokot Women representative Regina Nyeri. Other officials who were in the group include Jubilee West Pokot county Secretariat Jackson Cherop and Maendeleo chap chap MCA candidate Kibii Tanyagori.

The leaders were heading the grassroots campaign in West Pokot following the failure of Jubilee party to secure and fulfill its promises in the region.

Raila Odinga welcomed them in the Orange house and agreed to work with them in the coming campaigns. The Jubilee party is now looking forward to another candidate who will be the Secretariat in the county.

The leaders vowed to have a door to door campaign in West Pokot county in order to make sure that Jubilee does not get anything in the region. The NASA flagbearer welcomed them in what he called "Winning Team."

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  1. Great news.. BABA to the state house.


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