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ODM officials fight over Ksh.20,000 campaign tip at the Kilifi governors' office.

Ghalib Athman at ODM kilifi offices. PHOTO | Courtesy

A photo editor of the Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi, James Mulei famously Known as "Mulei Ule Msee" was beaten yesterday by his colleagues in the governors' office after he was given campaign float which was to be distributed equally.

James Mwaringa and Ghalib Athman banged the governors' office and stopped all the activities directly to the Governors photo man. They claim he disappeared with Ksh. 20,000 that was given out by the governor as campaign tips. The two who banged the governors' office are working with the Kilifi county ODM office. The governor allegedly to be favouring his photo Man as they work closely for the governor to secure his seat 8th, August 2017.

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