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Paul Njoroge rebukes DP Ruto for his business and political troubles.

Paul Njoroge with Polycarp Igathe fight. PHOTO | Courtesy

Senator Paul Njoroge blames DP Wiliam Ruto for his woes in the Jubilee Nominations. Njoroge said that the DP steps will cost him in his presidential bid. He allegedly sidelined the Mt Kenya ambitious leaders for his sacrificial rigged in leaders for the 2022 presidential bid.

The senator also said that the VIVO MD Polycarp Igathe storming his petrol station in Naivasha was a deal to frustrate and ashamed him in the political career. The Senator claimed that there is enough time for the people in Central Kenya to change their minds before 2022.

"There is Gideon Moi who will vie for the presidency in 2022, by installing leaders that will favor him is a wrong and dangerous way to go. Let him understand that we have more than five years to come. I will rally with other leaders who were sidelined by you to overturn your ambition." Njoroge directed to DP Ruto.

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