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Photos: See Amazing Fine-Art Hand-Work From Wilson Ngoni!

God has given each one of us human beings different talents, some are talented musicians, some are comedians, dramatist and so forth. But in Botswana, there is one of the most celebrated and decorated drawing artist, whom even Forbes has ranked him as one of the most influential people in Africa via his artistic work. Ladies and gentlemen meet Wilson Ngoni, an amazing son of Africa whom through drawing has brought life to hundred of portraits.

Wilson Ngoni on set.| Photo| Courtesy of facebook
Wilson Ngoni during his previous visit to Munich Germany.

Wilson Ngoni is celebrated across the land of Botswana and abroad as a kind of inspiring story to many hopeless talent youths Across Africa. His power and ability to turn a plain white canvas paper to images which appear creation of a reality prophetic glamour like really photos shook internal and international media houses across the world. Now its not a secret any more for Forbes has come to his favour and he is joining other African people like wise Mubarak Muyika from Kenya (Founder ZAGACE LTD), Bheki Kunene South- Africa (Founder: Mind Trix Media), Affiong Williams Nigeria ( Founder: Real fruit) and Issam Chleuh from Mali the founder of (Africa Impact Group). Through these archives, I have brought unto you several photos of his hand work which has left many people in awe.


Wilson Ngoni handwork| Photo| Courtesy Wilson Ngoni
African Old-woman on canvas

Wilson Ngoni handwork| Photo| Courtesy Wilson Ngoni
Wilson Ngoni's hand-work| Donkeys on Canvas| photo| courtesy Wilson Ngoni.

Wilson Ngoni handwork| Photo| Courtesy Wilson Ngoni
Wilson Ngoni handwork| Photo| Courtesy Wilson Ngoni

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