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President Kenyatta endorsed by the Asian community in the statehouse.

President Uhuru Kenyatta endorsed by the Asian Community. PHOTO | Courtesy

President Kenyatta today met the Asian community at the statehouse Mombasa. The Asian community endorsed him for his presidential bid.

The Asian community prepared a dinner today at one of the famous hotels in Mombasa after they take the support to the Mombasa statehouse for presidential endorsement.

 Leaders of the Asian community said they have taken the decision to rally behind the President because of his commitment to creating an enabling environment for business and development.

The leaders, who visited President Kenyatta at the State House, said policies implemented by the Jubilee Government have enabled more business to thrive and made Kenya a preferred destination for investors.

At the meeting which was also attended by Deputy President William Ruto, representatives of the community assured the President that they would rally behind him to ensure the country's development tempo is sustained.

“What we have seen in the last four years needs no magnification and my words can be supported by facts that can be seen and quantified, “said businessman Iqbal Rashid.

The businessman cited the upgrading of the old railway system with the Standard Gauge Railway, the upgrading of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and continuous improvement of the infrastructure connecting cities and towns.

He said the continued flow of investments into Kenya from all corners of the globe was as a result of the confidence in the leadership of President Kenyatta.

Women leaders Parveen Adam, Shamsha Fadhil and Farah Mannzoor thanked the President for championing an agenda that fosters inclusiveness as well as the prosperity and unity of all Kenyans.

They said women appreciate his efforts to spearhead the campaign to have the two third gender rule passed by the National Assembly.

Businessman Bismiahirahman Nirrahim said the Asian community has witnessed the transformative leadership of President Kenyatta which has helped in creating a conducive environment for investments.

The president bid for retaining the seat which the Asian community thought of endorsing him to boost his numbers in the coming elections. The Asian community which is estimated to be 20,000 in Kenya will add numbers to the president vote basket.

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