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William Kabogo blames DP William Ruto for his troubles in Kiambu.

Kabogo in his county office. PHOTO | Courtesy

The Kiambu Governor William Kabogo further described the DP William Ruto as a dictator. The governor claimed that the DP dictatorial nature made him loose the Kiambu nominations. The governor alleged DP moves in Central Kenya as futile and will bore no fruits as he prepares the ones he installs in various parts of the region.

The war of words started just after the Jubilee Nominations. Kabogo vowed to embarrass DP in his backyard and promised him that he should forget to be the next president of Kenya in 2022.

"The people he rigged into his system will not make him popular in Central Kenya. We are just waiting for the elections them we will start a campaign of 2022. I have no doubt that the political end of the DP is now."

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