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President Uhuru Kenyatta Speech on Madaraka day celebrations 2017 in Nyeri county.

President Kenyatta on Madaraka day celebrations 2017. PHOTO | PSCU
President Kenyatta on Madaraka day celebrations 2017. PHOTO | PSCU

President Uhuru Kenyatta today led thousand of people across Kenya in Marking Madaraka day celebration in Nyeri county. The devolved holiday function brought together people across different areas to celebrate the forefathers day.

In his speech, Uhuru said that politics should be a way of undermining other people right but it should be a way of Uniting Kenyans.

"A New Kenya is here. We must continue to dream big, and boldly implement our vision so that every Kenyan can share in this country’s bounty. The work my Administration has undertaken is a foundation for that transformative change, which will benefit Kenyans for generations to come. A transformed Kenya calls for a new politics. " President Kenyatta said in his speech.

"We need politics that look forward not back; we need to leave behind leaders obsessed with using the conflicts of the past to divide us, rather than leading us forward in unity. Let every Kenyan remember the history of our country, and what it has taught us of the dangers of divide and rule – of breaking the people apart, all for the gain of the few, " he added.

"We should commit to redouble our efforts to instill in our youth a deep sense of patriotism and an appreciation of the gift to be a Kenyan. We must use every tool at our disposal to banish ethnicity and discrimination in any form, " he stated.

"I know that there is far more to be done, but I have immense faith in the greatness of our people. After all, we have already overcome challenges greater than any that lie before us. I am proud to be a Kenyan in 2017. How privileged I feel to be your President in this period of promise; how blessed to be a Kenyan as our nation rises to the heights our forefathers foretold. " President Uhuru Kenyatta insisted on peace and truth.

"Remember that Kenya is a young nation, with great potential and opportunity for all of us. This is a moment for boldness: henceforth, our politics must be shaped by a desire to take Kenya forward to prosperity for all," he added.

Today's speech, the president insisted on uniting Kenyans and preach peace by being proud of our country and nature. The statements were seconded by the Deputy President William Ruto who was also present.

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