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"Non-Natives to pack and go or vote for Joho in August elections, or "else" after elections." Leaflets message distributed in Mombasa.

Hezron Awiti Photo | FILE

Leaflets have been distributed in the most violent areas in Mombasa alleged the Non-Native to pack and leave the County before the elections. The leaflets which were seen all around Likoni and Changamwe demanded all non-native to either pack or vote for the incumbent governor in the coming elections.

Leaflets demanding that "foreigners" leave Mombasa are sponsored by politicians who the group will vote them out, Nyali MP Hezron Awiti has said.

Awiti said the message in them targeted groups that vowed to change leadership after going underrepresented for long.

The Nyali Member of Parliament Hezron Awiti got another shock as some of his campaigners decamped and joined the incumbent camp. More than 20 officials have decamped from the Awiti Hezron Camp since the beginning of the year.

The leaflets were distributed on Tuesday in Likoni, some parts of Nyali, Kisauni, Changamwe and Jomvu where most non-natives live.

This has caused panic in the area as some residents have started packing ahead of the August 8 election which is 33 days away.

Awiti said the politicians are rooting for Kaya Bombo-like attacks in the name of protecting the rights of locals.

In 1997, 104 Likoni residents were killed and 133 injured by attackers who had crude weapons. Hundreds of structures were also damaged or stolen. The attackers worked under the smokescreen of blocking "foreigners" from taking their land. Their aim was to scare them out of voting and leaving the area.

Kanu politicians said to be perpetrators were indicted.

Awiti said such scenarios should not be repeated as Mombasa belongs to all Kenyans. "We should not allow division. We are one. Mombasa belongs to the business community," he said on Tuesday during a campaign rally in the Mvita constituency. "Everyone here does business and should not be discriminated on the basis of their tribe or rural homes."

The leaflets were spread just a week after the battle of erecting billboards in the town with the county government. The Other three governor aspirants have been struggling with the county government and the media houses for erecting the banners.[no-sidebar]

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