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"Lets embraces constitutional change for better future." Ganze Mp. Teddy Mwambire says

Mp gather for a fundraising at Rabai and echoed Constitutional change. PHOTO | BANA
Mp gather for a fundraising at Rabai and echoed Constitutional change. PHOTO | BANA
Ganze Mp Teddy Mwambire has re-echoed on Kilifi residents to accept a change in the constitution. The Legislature said that it will for the benefit of people who are now suffering from the current country document.

Ganze Member of Parliament Hon. Teddy Mwambire yesterday (13/10/2018) joined other leaders at Kasemeni village in Mwarakaya ward at a historic Mwarakaya Ward Consolidated Churches Funds Drive led by Hon. Richard Ken Chonga, the area MP. The Ganze MP called upon Coasterians to unite so as to be recognized in the formation of successive governments in the country. For decades, there has been a rift not only between the leaders but also the locals, he observed.

He said it was time for the Coastal people to realize their dream they have been yearning for ages. He again stressed the need for Coasterians to rally to the current call for a referendum being orchestrated through the Building Bridges Initiative Team so that their issues are well captured. He urged people to attend the forthcoming sitting in the County which will be in Malindi on 6/11/2018 led by Senator Yusuf Haji.

Hon. Mwambire further said the time for constitutional amendments has come, because when the current constitution was passed, about 20% of it was publicly agreed to be not favouring the ordinary Mwananchi.

He urged the members of the County Assembly and Religious Leaders from all faiths to be in the forefront when the dialogues on the referendum are deliberated at all levels. "Let us make sure that our deepest heartfelt concerns in the constitution are well captured in the referendum proposals as the people from the Coast Region." He asserted.

His statements on the referendum were echoed by Hon. William Kamoti Mwamkale, the Rabai MP who said referendum matters are part of the handshake and its aim is uniting Kenyans so as to avoid the replica of 2007/8 general election clashes among other unexpected tensions after every general election.

On his part, the Changamwe MP. Hon. Omar Mwinyi said its a shame to Coastal People since independence they have never come together as leaders to solve the problems faced by their people courtesy of suspicious handouts from our upcountry brothers and sisters. "Despite the historical injustices, the Coast Region has been experiencing divisions among the leaders, the time has come for us to be united towards our desired aspirations, he observed.

The Member of Parliament for Kilifi South, Hon Richard Ken Chonga who is also the area MP and the chief guest asked the residents to take time and read the constitution amendments proposals carefully as they sample what is good for Coasterians so as not to lose a very important opportunity for our time. He urged the leaders insulting the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to stop because he has fought for the country to his best to the extent that most leaders are where they are courtesy of his respect. He told leaders who seem to be used to insult him to refrain from doing so and concentrate on their mandates. No leader in this country has an authority to insult Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga, he observed.

On her side, the Member of Parliament for Likoni Hon. Mishi Juma Mboko dismissed the claims from other leaders claiming that Coast Region cannot produce someone who can be elected as the president. She said Coast people have the capacity to be at the topmost position in the country because the leaders from the region have what it takes to be in such a position. She equally joined the call for preparation for the referendum saying that is the only opportunity to achieve what was missing in the current constitution.

Kaloleni MP. Hon. Paul Katana embraced the unity exhibited by the leaders in matters of development as great. He said local leaders have resolved to move together in making sure that the aspired developments are attained. He said the current trend of leadership is unique and encouraging because as the MPs are moving together, MCAs have also resolved to do the same which is quite encouraging.

The Mwarakaya ward churches representative Bishop Enock Mwamuye called upon leaders to embrace education by supporting their resolutions which among them was the burn of disco matanga, strict parental guidance to children, burn of burials on Saturdays among others. The Bishop said the clergy in the area had resolved not to preside over any burials on Saturdays so as to achieve their target a call which was opposed by Hon. Lewa Mkadi (the area MCA) asking them to preside all burials any day unless they will have accepted discos at the night which is against everyone.

The fundraiser which was officiated by the area Member of Parliament Hon. Richard Ken Chonga and raised over one million was also attended by Hon. William Kamoti Mwamukale, Rabai MP., Hon. Omar Mwinyi, Changamwe MP., Hon. Mishi Juma Mboko Likoni MP., Hon. Teddy Mwambire, Ganze MP., Hon Paul Katana Kaloleni MP, Hon. Lewa Mkadi Mwarakaya MCA, Hon. Ronald Kazungu Mbura, Chasimba MCA, Hon. Christopher Mwambire, Bamba MCA, Hon. Maitha Masha, Jaribuni MCA and Hon. Alphonse Mwayaa, Kaya Fungo MCA. Hon. Zulekha Salim, Kwale County MP. send her apologies & donation through Hon. Mishi J. Mboko

Currently, 10 MPs from the Coast region are proposing for the constitutional change following the public outcry over heavy economic burden. "The taxpayers are tired of carrying a big wage bill burden and they think of changing it. We are not opposing their will." Hon. Mwambire added.

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