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"Stop raping widows and get married. " Ganze Mp Mwambire called out Kilifi county youths

Hon Teddy Mwambire spots Youths. PHOTO | BANA
Ganze Mp Hon. Teddy Mwambire in Mama Rodah Mtumuya burial. PHOTO | HIRAM

Elderly rape cases are on the rise in Kilifi county. According to new research conducted by Uhuru initiative, Kenya shows that 3 out of 10 elderly women are raped every week in Kilifi county. The majority of the women who undergo such acts are widows. Youth groups have been finger pointed over the abuse of the widows, especially in Sokoke ward.

Ganze Member of Parliament Hon. Teddy Mwambire has called upon youth among young people in the society to live in harmony with their ageing parents and relatives. He said it was unfortunate to raise your children through thick and thin following the constant economic hard times and later on they turn against your well being instead of facilitating your livelihood. He said it was very stressful when they start tagging you as a sorcerer or witch which is currently a pure recipe for lynching in the constituency.

The MP said it was high time the young people in the society are further sensitized on the smooth coexistence with the elderly people in their homes. He also advised parents and elderly people in society to change their perceptions towards their children and grandchildren in their reliance as the economic situations might not meet their demands fully. He said giving stressful tough words with the aim of instilling fear so as to attain certain issues in the family can easily be misconstrued and bring unnecessary conflicts which might lead to bad name calling and even murder.

Hon. Teddy Mwambire said miscalculated family exchanges or words and positions has been a very key source of elderly people lynching in society. Even though the MP shared this social intervention speech at Mangudho Village in Madamani sub- location in Sokoke ward last Saturday (13/10/2018) at the burial of Mama Rodah Mtumuya Muye who is a mother to Mr James Muye of Mangudho Primary School, he appeared to be responding to the the current wake of elderly people lynching in Bamba Ward where three elderly people were lynched in a span of two weeks. One was buried last weekend while the two will be laid to rest on the Mashujaa Day (20/10/2018)

The MP further called upon religious among other leaders to join him in sensitizing the society in family life which he said has come to realize it was flourishing badly that is why we have constant unending family conflicts which lead to many unfortunate deaths. He said, most of the investigations made into different murder cases have not and shall never bear fruits as those involved are family members who are united against their own relatives or even their parents. The "Simanya" (I don't know) phase normally used by potential witnesses in such heinous murder cases have always left investigators vulnerable. We must stop these unfortunate acts, he stated.

On educational matters, the MP called upon teachers to keep on taking leading role in advising parents and guardians on the progress of their children as most parents and guardians still didn't get an opportunity to either get formal education or advance formal education to understand whatever is going on in school in terms of their children's progress. Parents and guardians were equally advised to take their full responsibilities in the education of their children so as to be able to curb issues that can ruin the aspired educational achievements of their beloved children. Proper coordination between teachers and parents or guardians was stressed for the betterment of our young generations in the constituency.

Speaking in a Radio interview, Sokoke MCA Thaura Mweni has echoed the statement made by Ganze Mp Hon. Teddy Mwambire that youth should refrain from immoral acts which made the constituency portray a bad picture.

May God rest Mama Rodah Mtumuya Maye's soul in eternal peace!

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