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"Take your children to school or else will be taken to Court. " Ganze Mp Hon. Mwambire urge Parents

Ganze Mp. Hon Teddy Mwambire has urged Parents to take their children to school. He said that parents who will not take their children to school will be prosecuted or taken to Police and other relevant disciplinary offices.

"Parents and guardians who have not sent their last year KCPE candidates to school should now be arrested and charged in court for negligence among other recognizable charges," the Ganze MP said yesterday while addressing Mrima wa ndege residents.

Hon. Mwambire said in the constituency, parents and guardians have only three options for all their KCPE graduates right from this year, going to secondary school, joining technical training courses or repeating in primary school for another attempt.

All chiefs and their assistants MUST make sure all students are in school before the end of this week.

"My sole intention isn't to cause unnecessary sufferings to the people BUT give the right direction to everyone which would cleanse the unnecessary ignorance and marginalization to some individuals due to literacy like what is happening at the moment.

Hon. Teddy Mwambire in Mrima wa Ndege. PHOTO | Courtesy

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